Planned matings

If you are interested in any of our breeding, let us know, we have a list for the litters we are expecting. Contact Cathinka on Facebook or by email.

Winter 2019/20

Omega Tan

Pedigree Tan

Sire: Taff – J.E.Lightfoot
Dam: Popi – G.Lightfoot

Born: 19.04.2013
Breeder: Gwyn Lightfoot

Open Trial
Qualified for Scottish National 2019

Health tests:
Eye exam clear
CEA: Normal
TNS: Normal
I-GS: Normal

Tan has two litters:
Omega Tan x Penllwyn Sweep
Omega Tan x Ben

We are planning to mate Tan this winter, but we haven’t decided on the dog yet. She will be bred the next time she comes into heat, which is expected to be end of December/beginning of January.

Vår/Sommer 2020


Pedigree Lexi

Sire: Sweep – T.Solbakken
Dam: Omega Tan – C.K.Paterson

Born: 01.12.2017
Breeder: Cathinka K. Paterson

Health tests:
CEA: Normal from parentage

Planning Nursery in Scotland 2019/20

We are mating Lexi next spring/summer, but have yet not decided the dog to use. She will be bred as soon as she comes in to heat after the nurseries.


Pedigree Cass

Sire: Radar – P.Høygård
Dam: Patsy – P.Høygård

Born: 29.03.17
Breeder: Pål Høygård

Open Trial

Video of Cass:
Cass 6 months…

Cass entered European Nursery Championship 2019,
She is participating in Open Trials i Scotland.

We are planning to mate Cass next spring/summer, but has not decided the dog to use yet.