My name is Cathinka Kjelstrup, and I live in Bærum, outside Oslo in Norway.

I began with sheep when I was 16, and went to agricultural college. Later I studied a Master in Marketing and Leadership at HiBu University, and Texas Tech University. The last 12 years I have worked on farms in the area, and helped with everything from gathering sheep to driving a tractor.

These days I work for the Norwegian Association for Sheep and Goat farmers as a Sheepdog- and Organisation advisor.

I’m also a sheep shearer. I went on my first clinic three years ago, and now I shear for several sheep farmers in eastern Norway.

I began at the age of 16 to train my first Border Collie; Molly. Since then there has been several dogs in training, and today I’m competing in Open trials with my dogs, and actively using them for work. I’m certified as a Sheepdog Instructor with the Norwegian Association for Sheep and Goat farmers, and mostly do private lessons or small clinics.